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Phase wise Load Distribution may possibly during Final DB (Distribution Board) wiring. Equally load distribution in final DB or physically load connection to an electrical circuit is important to keep the load balanced in each of three phases. Importance of Load Distribution in Final DB All loads of a premises become connected in electrically through final DB. Equally distributing the load on phase Read, Yellow and Blue; it’s promising better performance of others accessories like protective devices RCD, Circuit Breaker, switches, fusses and cables etc.
RCD for Earth Leakage Protection Earth Leakage: Electricity is carried by conductors that are supported above the earth or inside the earth but are electrically isolated by insulators which prevent the electricity from neutralizing itself as it would if it shorted to earth. However, there is some very small leakage across these insulators, especially aerial insulators during wet or humid conditions. This is called earth leakage.

RCD for …

How You Own Unlimited Engineering Books For Free

Electrical engineers' or technicians', everyone need some engineering books in his/her self. I am sure this electrical book store will help you in your workplace when you need some reference to your electrical working field. 

Electrical Technology B.L. Theresa Part-1 of 4
Electrical Technology B.L. Theresa Part-2 of 4
Electrical Technology B.L. Theresa Part-3 of 4
Electrical Technology B.L. Theresa Part-4 of 4
Engineering Code Books
Miscellaneous Books

HVAC: Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning System User Guide

HVAC engineers' or technicians', everyone need some engineering books in his/her self. I am sure this HVAC book store will help you in your workplace when you need some reference to your HVAC equipment installation, maintenance or troubleshooting.  Carrier Reciprocating Liquid Chillers
Carrier Screw Chillers User Manual Danfoss Air-conditioning Control System McQuay HVAC Manual and Engineering Information
Trane HVAC Manual and Engineering Information
Taco HVAC Manual and Engineering Information
Control of HVAC System Manual and Engineering Information
IOM (Installation, Operation & Maintenance) of HVAC System Manual and Guide Books
Omega Lubricant for HVAC System Manual and Guide Books
Parts List of HVAC System Manual and Guide Books
PID Control of HVAC System Manual and Guide Books
Different Refrigerant Uses in HVAC System
Wiring Diagram of HVAC System
HVAC Design and Working Principle Basic Presentation
HVAC Text Books in Arabic Language

Why Choice STL Member Type Test For Underground Power Cable

Each product needs verification before going to use in commercial operation, underground power cable also not out of that. User need to confirm carrying out proper taste that the underground cable is safely ready to use, but user no have test facility also can not depends on manufacturer own test. So, they need some third party test that can be reliable. The question is "who is the third party tester?" May be STL members organisation. What is STL ?
STL is shortened of Short-circuit Testing Liaison, means STL is an organization who provides voluntary collaboration internationally to meet HV/MV underground power cable testing services.
The objective of STL to harmonize and uniform the testing presentation, testing result and test data under a standard guide line.
Most of the cable users worldwide, their first choice for type test from STL members to find the reliable and good quality cable from a large number of cable manufacturer.
What Type Test Certificates Are Required?

Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filter for Electrical Plant

To ensure quality power supply in an electrical plant, Engineers know in mass the importance of Power Factor Correction equipment, and in advance Harmonic Resonance or Harmonic Filter.

The common and essential  term Power Factor Improvement (PFI) or power factor correction in Electrical Engineering sect is denoted in another previous post as Electrical Power Factor in Schematic Diagram where Electrical Power Factor in Schematic Diagram and Bangladesh Electricity Distribution Code Published by Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission is described briefly. So, in this article Harmonic Filter is highlighted only. What is Harmonic Filter? Harmonics are currents and voltages that are continuous multiples of the fundamental frequency 50 Hz such as 100 Hz (2nd harmonic) and 250 Hz (5th harmonic). So, harmonic filter is used to eliminate the harmonic distortion caused by loads. How Does Harmonic Filter Work?

The working principle of Harmonic Filter is shown schematic line diagram below:

In figure …

What Is The Difference Between DOL and Star-Delta Starter?

Why Use Direct On Line (DOL) and Star-Delta Starter?
DOL means the motor is connected Directly ON Line using one contactor with no starting circuit to lower the high starting current. Typically the Delta part of Star-Delta.
Star-Delta uses two contactors, one to start at a lower voltage in Star and one to run at a higher voltage in Delta configuration.
For example a 400V, 3-phase power supply Star applies phase to neutral or 230V. Delta applies the full phase to phase 400V.
Since power is proportional to voltage squared the starting current is three times less with Star-Delta.
Salient difference between DOL and Star-Delta starterD.O.L( Direct On Line )Starter 1.It does not decrease the starting current. 2.It is cheap. 3.It connects directly the motor with supply for starting as well as for running.
Star-Delta Starter 1.It decrease the starting current to 1/3 times. 2.It is costly. 3.It connects motor first in star at the time of starting then in delta for running.

DOL Starter Motor Wiring Diagram…

What is the Benefits of Bundle conductor for EHV (Extra High Voltage) Transmission Lines?

Generally 230kV or higher system overhead transmission line uses single stranded conductors; above this voltage system multi stranded like two, three or four strand with bundle conductor spacers is required.
As per nature of current flowing on conductive materials, maximum electrons tends to flow through the surface of the conductor rather than inner. Considering this property hollow conductor is more suitable to optimize the current flow for higher capacity power transmission in extra highvoltage (EHV) system.
Theoretically hollow conductor may viable, but practically conductors is not economical for maintenance and erection. So, concept of bundle conductor is the best solution instate hollow conductor.
Advantages of Using bundle conductors in EHV overhead transmission system

Bundle conductor in transmission line is uses to get the following advantages:
1.Bundle conductor of transmission line reduces the reactance of the electric transmission line;
2.Bundle conductor in power system also…

5 Amazing Electrical Tools that Everyone Loves

5 Top Most Amazing Electrical Tools that Everyone Must Loves

5 Top Electrical Tools

Every professional electrician you’re probably on the looking out for the latest and top most tools that can provide amazing handy and great results fast for all electrical jobs.Even any engineer loves to use his subordinate right and efficient tools always. Most of ordinary tools are easily available, but if you’re in the electrical profession, you must love and search to use the latest and something extra-ordinary and some top quality branded tools that can last for long time and works perfectly. I think after watching this video you throw away your old tools and purchasenew-one like this.
You know more often than not quality always prevails over price and choosing the right tools wisely, even if you’re just starting out or want to build an electrical kit for home use will save you much time and headache in the long run. Hope after reading this post it'll help you select some of the top tools that …


Conduit and Accessories Installation Factors
Conduit, accessories and trunking installation should comply with the latest issued Regulations for the Electrical Equipment of Buildings by the Institution of Electrical Engineers, unless otherwise approved by the Engineer. In addition installation should also comply with all local electricity regulations.
All metallic conduit and conduit fittings should be galvanized, heavy gauge steel, screwed, solid drawn or weld type complying withIEC 423and IEC 614.

Conduit Types and SpecificationsFollowing conduit and raceways specification should be utilize if where it is required or as per instruction of authorized engineer:
·Power Conduit- HDPE/ASTM F2160; ·Electrical Conduit- EB, PE & rigid PVC/UL 651A/UL 651B; ·Telecommunication Conduit- HDPE/ASTM F2160; ·Premise Raceways- UL 2024 Optical Fiber Cable Raceway.
PE Conduit uses in power transmission and communication like substation to transformer, secondary transformer to end-user cable, telephone, CA…