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Thunderstorm and Lightning:Electrical Development

Developing Thunderstorm and Lightning in Space
Storms are forming all over the world continuously and number is around 5,000.These storms are going together with lightning and cause a serious risk for both people and equipment.  The hitting rate of strokes of lightning at the ground is about 30 to 100 strokes per second. The earth is struck by about 3 billion strokes of lightning each year.
All over the world, thousands of people are struck by lightning and a lot of animals are killed every year. It also causes a large number of fires which destroying forest, industries, commercial & residential building.  Lightning mainly affects the equipments of electrical and electronic system, appliances of residential and industrial sector; the financial figure for damage is very high.
Electrical Development of a Storm Cloud and Stages of a thunderstorm's Life Cycle:Hot air rising from the ground and it collects water droplets until it becomes a cloud. The droplets are separated and transfo…

Manufacture Of Electric Power Cables and Chronological Development

Underground Power Cable Installation:This Video Clip shows how installed underground power cable.  This is not used modern equipment and technology.
You could see the initial technology for oilfield underground power cable and it's installation and erection procedure. 

Early to Latest Technology for Power Cable Manufacturing:The telegraph line was the earliest device where people first think and establish to transmit electrical energy through underground cable.
Mr. Bruce S. Bernstein &William A. Thue quoted in the book of Historical Perspective of Electrical Cables as- In 1812, Baron Schilling detonated a mine under the Neva River at St. Petersburg, Russia, by using an electrical pulse sent through a cable insulated with strips of India rubber. This is probably the earliest use of a continuously insulated conductor on record.  One of the earliest experiments with an underground cable was made by Francis Ronalds in 1816. This work was in conjunction with a system of telegraphy cons…

List Of All International Standard

The IEC has now more than 10 000 valid publications in its library.
In 2017, 841 publications were issued, including 507 IEC International Standards, 44 Technical Specifications, 71 Technical Reports, 9 Publicly Available Specifications and 3 Guides, as well as 207 publications developed outside of the IEC.
Within the four IEC CA Systems, certification bodies issued around 100 000 certificates in 2017, covering a large number of different technologies, products, systems and services as well as the competence of persons undertaking key roles including maintenance and repair. What is Standard?
Standard is something what is used as a model of measure or comparative calculations; heartily, a standard is doing something agreed with a mass way.It could be applicable for an industrial product, services of an organization or managing a process.

List of Standards OrganizationsThere are so many standard organizations who develop and coordinate to implement in practical way. Some of them are as below: 3GPP — 3…


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