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Thermosetting and Thermoplastic: Cable Insulation

Thermosetting and Thermoplastic:  Cable Insulation PVC-insulated cables are not going to be called pvc cables anymore they arethermoplastic insulated cables and rubber cables are thermosetting! The use of theterms thermoplastic and thermosetting is the solution to the problem of an everincreasing number and variety of materials and blends available for the manufactureof cables. It has been decided to change the method of classification of materials awayfrom the main ingredient to a generic system based on the main properties of thematerial. The terms thermoplastic and thermosetting linked with the operatingtemperature of the cable will give a simple method of material classification. TheBritish Standards Institute is revising their cable standards and it is necessary tobring BS 7671 in line.

Plastic and rubber are the general terms that most people are familiar with. 'Plastic' usually means pvc 'polyvinyl chloride' which is now classified as thermoplastic. Rubber could m…