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Jack & Plug or Plug & Socket Configuration in Various CountriesThere is no guy who haven’t faced to fix unmatched Plug & Socket or Jack & Plug what ever you say. Especially you, who frequently visit different location or live in Asian country where not follow any specific standard, often face this problem during using computer/laptop, mobile etc charger.
Most of the developed countries use jack and plug configuration as per some international standard or their local standard, but many countries do not follow any specific standard, they use various configarated jack and plug what causes of this problem.
Some of standard jack and plug descriptions are quoted below that are using in Europe, America and other countries-
  Jack                   Plug Description Using Countries Schuko European
CEE 7 EU, Austria, Netherland, French, Germany, Irish, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland

Ungrounded Eurocord
CEE 7/16 EU, Belgium, Denmark, Netherland, French, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portuga…

Freeze Protection pro Cooling System

The freeze protection pro cooling system Solidifying or Freezing is one of most imperative vocabulary in cooling framework; because of solidifying in cooling framework liquid stream blocked, metallic channel broke, supplies cracked and so on, trouble happened. To keep nonstop sheltered and sound fluid stream solidify assurance then again against solidifying framework is required both in re-flowed water framework and shut circuit liquid cooler framework. Freeze protection for re-circulating water system: The least difficult and best method for keeping the re-flowed water from solidifying is to utilize a remote sump. With a remote sump, the re-coursing water pump is mounted remotely at the sump and at whatever point the pump is closed off, all re-flowing water channels back to the sump
In the event that a remote sump can't be utilized, dish radiators are accessible. Either electric radiators, boiling point water loops, steam curls or steam injectors might be utilized to warm the bow…

What is the function of Catch-All-Filter-Drier in HVAC system?

The Catch-All-Filer-Drier is a consumable brilliant gadget that can disposes of the considerable number of shortcomings of free filled reenactment by embellishment a mix into a spongy center. The center gives great filtration framework particularly to dampness, earth, acids and slop without the likelihood of desiccant powdering, pressing and getting away into the framework. Catch-All Filer-Drier can killMoistureAcidDirtSludge
Moisture Removing : Moisture is an important factor in the whole HVAC systems, especially in refrigerant porous system. The presence of moisture, there is huge chance to easy formation of corrosion, acids and sludge etc.; using Catch-All-Filter-Drier helps to remove and protect to enter moisture into refrigerant system.
Acids Removing :
Some conditions like pressure, temperature help to forming chemical reaction. Consequently in refrigerant system acid-forming chemical reactions also can occur under certain conditions; for an example, when temperature increases in p…

Smart Grid Technology and Application

What is Smart Grid Technology?A smart grid is an electricity network which includes a variety of equipped and energy measures including smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources, and energy efficiency resources based on digital technology that is used to supply electricity to consumers via two-way digital communication. The term smart-Grid also known as digital-grid that refers to the new digital technology or to modernize the electrical network grid. How Smart Grid Uses in Electricity Network System?The expression Smart-grid usually refers to a category of technology folk’s square measure exploitation to bring utility electricity delivery systems into the twenty first century, exploitation computer-based device and automation. These systems square measure created potential by two-way communication technology and PC process that has been used for many years in alternative industries. They’re getting down to be used on electricity networks, from the facility plants and…

Format of Emergency Exit Signs

Exit Sign Requirement in Industrial or Commercial PlacesThe     layout design of emergency exit or fire exit signs are not fixed for all country, it’s may vary country to country, even in the same country it’s vary time to time.  Today we will introduce some most used format of exit signs that you see everywhere.
In older version it was only wording, now using just pictograph and arrow, the wording is an optional. This is now an international format.

Exit Sign SymbolYou can define as- an exit sign is devices that denote the location of the closest emergency exit in case of fire or other emergency for in a public facility such like a building, aircraft or boat etc.
This wording format is the old version of exit sign. Before 1998 this format was useful, but somewhere you still see it is using this days.

This version is in addition with the word format a running man pictogram and was an interim move towards the full pictogram sign. The meaning of this sign is very clear.

This version is  full…


Phase wise Load Distribution may possibly during Final DB (Distribution Board) wiring. Equally load distribution in final DB or physically load connection to an electrical circuit is important to keep the load balanced in each of three phases. Importance of Load Distribution in Final DB All loads of a premises become connected in electrically through final DB. Equally distributing the load on phase Read, Yellow and Blue; it’s promising better performance of others accessories like protective devices RCD, Circuit Breaker, switches, fusses and cables etc.
RCD for Earth Leakage Protection RCD for three phase system should have a residual current device (RCD-TP) of sensitivity not exceeding 100 mA. If there is no three phase load in the installation, it is better to use three units (RCD-SP) of single phase RCCBs be installed. This will reduce the interruption when single phase fault occurs.
Properly rated Residual Current Devices (RCD) must be used for protection from earth leakage current…


Why Need Reduce Electricity Use in Our Daily Life?

If anyone asks- why need to reduce electricity use in our daily life? Yes, in simply reduce electricity use every day to save money as electricity bill. For your individual interest if you reduce uses electricity, end of the month electricity bill will come less and you can save money.
Reduce Electricity Use and CostsAs a citizen of developing country like Bangladesh, if you reduce or limit your electricity using then your more neighbors will get chance to use electricity, because production or facility of electricity here is not created yet for all. Only a finite amount that is available at any given time, when some people usage extra electricity as unnecessary AC’s or fans, there sometimes isn’t enough power to go around. As a result sometimes there are rolling blackouts knowing as “Load Shading”.
Reduce Electricity Use and Save EnvironmentAs a global citizen you can play a vital role on environmental impact just using reduce electrici…

101 Disadvantages of Smart Technology

The question “what the disadvantages are of smart technology?” makes anyone LOL!! This is a stupid question today. Smart technology means advantages and advantages; we cannot find any remarkable disadvantage. Smart technology brought everything under our finger tips. Now many things and everything are in maximum distance just between our finger movements. Your Smartphone, tablet, laptop gives you virtual facility to do anything you need.

Technology is going smarter to smarter every day, even every moment; we cannot imagine the last stage of any technology. This technology changing is making our daily life easier to easier every day.

We are getting any information instantly from any corner of the word, we can order to purchase any product from our bedroom, even your refrigerator now able to generate shopping order it beings empty.

Changing technology makes our life very easier to contact with others over smart phone, finding and storing information over powerful search-engine, building g…


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