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Dynamo and Generator Difference

What is Difference Between Dynamo and Generator
Dynamo- One of the simplest and earliest electrical generators, used to generate electrical power for industry. Dynamos were quickly replaced by other electrical generators because of the advantages of Alternating Current (AC). Today Dynamo means DC (Direct Current) generator and Generator means alternator or AC generator. Further details a DC generator generates AC current, but it contains a simple device called commutator to convert AC into DC. A commutator diverts the flow of electrons inside the DC generator, so that the energy that appears at the output is a pulsing direct flow. On the other hand AC generator does not need a commutator and it generates AC directly. Dynamos and Generators both convert mechanical rotation like wind, hydro, gas, waves ect. into electrical power.

Thomas Edison believed that the base of future electricity would be DC, but Nikola Tesla believed on AC. Finally Nikola Tesla proofed he is correct.
Early people …


Important tips to handle hazardous compressed gas cylinder to keep away from serious accident in workplace.

Everyday millions of compressed gas cylinders are handling in different industries and construction projects worldwide. Miserable statistics says that lots of people come across dangerous accident just because of carelessness or lack of awareness in safety roles for handling compressed gas cylinder.
We are not going to discuss how compressed gas cylinder handle in production line in an industries. Our discussion limited on how to handle compressed gas cylinder as a user in work-site where there is huge possibility to make mistake by worker.
Hereto some basic tips for worker and supervisor who ensure safety induction to keep away from hazardous situation when handling compressed gas cylinder.
Key tips to handle compressed gas cylinder in Construction and Maintenance Project:Compressed gas cylinders must be handled with care. Avoid to carry alone a large cylinders such as- weight up …


Amazing Facts about Electricity That Makes You Feel Interesting
The history of electrical energy invention is not too long, but within a very short period we depended on such a way that every breath of life driving by electricity. Today, this planet without electricity! does it make sense ?
Any important resources of a country, we can calculate or imagine the amount or preserve for future; but amazing fact is that we cannot directly store the electrical energy for future use. It is like a sunlight, shiny sky more light, cloudy sky no light. Generator running means electricity presence, generator off means electricity absence.
Amazing Facts about Electricity and LightElectricity being usable like light while it is on traveling, speed of electricity also near about light speed 186,000 miles per second. Electricity and light not possible to store yet in its own form. If you want to switch on a light bulb at moon from the switch in your bedroom, it will take nearly 1.3 second! The biggest natu…


Helipad Operation Regulatory Requirements of GCAA

Charles Hajdu
Strategy & Business Development Manager, Fujairah International Airport

Purpose of this Workshop
1. To improve helicopter/helipad operations in Fujairah.
2. To make helipad operators aware of regulations.
3 To make helipad operators aware of their responsibilities.

Important Terms
1. Helipad, Surface Level Helipad, Elevated Helideck, Heliport
2. Helicopter Operator
3. Helipad Operator
4. Private vs. Commercial

Who is Regulating YOU?

• General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)
• Department of Civil Aviation,Fujairah (DCA)
• Fujairah International Airport (FIA)
• International Civil Aeronautics  Organization (ICAO)

The Regulations and YOUWhat you should know
• Operation of the heliport is the responsibility
of the Helipad Owner/Operator
• Flight Operations is the responsibility
of the Helicopter Operator
• Commercial vs. Private Use helipads

• ICAO Annex 14, Volume II, Second Edition – July 1995
• GCAA Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR) P…


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