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How Power Cable Interfere with Instrumentation and Communication Cable

Power Cable Interference with Instrumentation, Communicationor Control Cable and Reductance This Effect Let’s know the basic difference between Power Cable and Communication Cable. Power Cable:The cable which uses to transfer electrical energy from one point to others is known as power cable. Comparatively higher sizes of Aluminum or Copper conductor is uses as power cable in electrical power distribution and transmission system. Power cable construction may different type’s like- single core, dual-core or multi-core. Core materials mainly uses as Copper or Aluminu. Metallic sheath or armour uses for reduce induced voltage and mechanical protection from any external damages. Steel, Copper, Aluminu or Led uses for cable outer cable sheath. Metallic screen normally earthed in one or both end to reduces the external electric field to zero. Communication Cable:The cable which is uses communicate low level signal in-between two or more instrument is known as communication or instrumentation or co…


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