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Worker Right and Responsibility

Workers Health & Safety Right and Responsibility Workers are the main key resource to run and sustain any kind of industry forever. It’s important to ensure workers health, safety and social rights that can help to worker participation in management to achieve the industries’ ultimate goal.
The worker rights ver basic definition for any labor in prospect of Bangladesh is enumerated below that must should follow:
A.Prohibition of child labor; B.Equal opportunity for men or women; C.Equal pay for work of equal values; D.Termination procedure followed by state rules.
Site Workers Health and SafetyThe authority must inform workers the site worker job description, rights & responsibility. Proper education and information can help to reduce worker accident & injury even labor death.
A.Throughout the project execution period must conduct Information, Education and Consultation Communication campaigns, at least every other month, addressed to all the Site staff and labor (including all…

Electrical Power Factor in Schematic Diagram

Power Factor Formula in Diagram and BERC Code Everyday we use electrical energy for industrial, commercial or residential purpose and paying bill to the utility department end of the month. Maximum of us do not think, we are paying extra money bill of our used just because of power factor. Simply look at the following diagram, our using amount is kW, unusable amount is kVAR; but we are paying for sum of both is kVA, just case of a mug of drinks.
Electrical Power Factor in Schematic Diagram

Of course there is a solution. It you are a intelligent, you will pour your drinks soft and gently which makes less loss. Similarly taking necessary action to correction the power factor, we can reduce  electrical power waste or loss.

Generally we use 3 types of load. Resistive, Inductive and Capacitive. Resistive load has no effect for power factor, mainly resultant induvtive load  causes of waste of power. Capacitive load character is just opposite the inductive load. So, using capacitive load as a c…


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