How Write and Publish Blog Post Using MS Word
How write blog post using MS Word

Have you ever thought writing a blog post and published from Microsoft Word? Many of us may not know it, but yes! You can write a post in MS Word and then publish directly to your blog site.

Of course, you may write your posts in Word and then copy them into the blog post editor, but to do this obviously you face so many trouble to arrange the post contents.  The major limitation to copy-paste from MS Word, it’s not offers impressive graphics capabilities all the time.

Writing your blog post in MS Word and then posting to Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Windows Live Spaces, and SharePoint you take many more advantages of image effects, charts, SmartArt and so on form MS Word. From image manipulation to “SmartArt” to sophisticated charts and graphs, Microsoft Word has a lot to offer.

How Set Up Your Blog Account with MS Word to Accept Posts

Don’t worry, just follow the following points step by step, this is maybe the first time you are using the blogging template, you will be presented with a dialogue box for you to set up a connection to your site. After register once, you will not need to do it again unless you decide to set up another site to publish. You can publish to multiple sites easily switch between them in the MS Word interface.

1. First of all open MS Word,

2. Select File or Office Button from left top corner of your window - New - Blog Post – Create (File > New > Blog post).

3. Microsoft Office should then prompt you to register your blog using blog provider name, user name and password. The information about username and password for your blogging account, is necessary to associate Microsoft Word to post to your blog account.

4. Then checkmark the XML-RPC box (In your blog’s admin area, go to Settings > Writing > Remote Publishing. Check the XML-RPC and click, Save Changes).

5. To link images from your account to your blog post click Picture Options button, otherwise you can insert your image from your computer

6. Click OK, you also ready to write and publish your blog from MS Word directly; because your registration is completed.   

How Open an Account with a Blog Service Provider

If you don't have any blog account with a blog service provider; no problem, you can try one of the following providers to open an account easily.

  •     Blogger Web address: http://www.blogger.com, follow the instructions on the home page to create your own blog. The service is free.
  •      Telligent Community Web address: http://www.telligent.com, (formerly known as Community Server) Follow the instructions on the home page to purchase your own hosted community site, including blogs, forums, file sharing, photo sharing, and user management. The service is available on a tiered price structure.
  •    WordPress Web address: http://www.wordpress.com, follow the instructions on the home page to create your own space. The service is free.
  •      TypePad Web address: http://www.typepad.com, follow the instructions on the home page to purchase your own hosted blog site, including features that facilitate design, posting, Web integration, and community management. The service is available on a tiered price structure.
  •          Windows SharePoint Services If your organization hosts a SharePoint site, ask the site manager to set up a blog page for you.


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