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How Protect Copying Blog Contents

How Protect Your Blog Post Images and Contents Being Copied from Spammers or Illegal Copier Copying blog contents is controversial issue today, some blogger says visitors will come to the blog and they will read, copy contents as their requirement. On the other side, most of the bloggers strictly refuse to copy their blog contents without their permission. They treat it as a stealing blogger’s property.
What is right where million-million tons of information are free available in the internet and people have no time to ask who the owner of it is. How will they take permission to copy a blog contents. But everybody will agree with it that copying something from others and publish as own, is not acceptable. For that reason, sometime its need to copy protect your blog contents.  It will be your own technique how and what you want to protect.
Someone who related with photography he wants to protect image copying rather than other contents. As a photographer or an artist, who make money fro…


How Write and Publish Blog Post Using MS Word Have you ever thought writing a blog post and published from Microsoft Word? Many of us may not know it, but yes! You can write a post in MS Word and then publish directly to your blog site.
Of course, you may write your posts in Word and then copy them into the blog post editor, but to do this obviously you face so many trouble to arrange the post contents.  The major limitation to copy-paste from MS Word, it’s not offers impressive graphics capabilities all the time.
Writing your blog post in MS Word and then posting to Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Windows Live Spaces, and SharePoint you take many more advantages of image effects, charts, SmartArt and so on form MS Word. From image manipulation to “SmartArt” to sophisticated charts and graphs, Microsoft Word has a lot to offer.
How Set Up Your Blog Account with MS Word to Accept PostsDon’t worry, just follow the following points step by step, this is maybe the first time you are using the b…

How Write a Method Statement for Your Company

METHOD STATEMENT for a Cable Installation Company WAZIPOINT-presented (FOR INFORMATION) -on SEPTEMBER 2015 -by WAZIPOINT

I. GENERAL 1. Project DescriptionUnder the terms of Tender No.-, WAZIPOINT  as Contractor, together with our specialist Subcontractor(s), will be responsible for completing all design, engineering, procurement, transportation/delivery to site, installation, related civil, and pre-commissioning, commissioning and performance testing for the whole laying and commissioning of 132kV underground HV cables. 2. Project OrganizationWAZIPOINT shall have the sole and overall responsibility to client for the execution and implementation of the project. WAZIPOINT’s Project Team will be located in Seoul and at the site of the Works.
WAZIPOINT will appoint Project Manager at its head office in Seoul, Korea and site office will be responsible for the overall management, control and supervision of the execution of the Project. The Project Manager shall observe and supervise the executi…


The technical specifications of 30 KVA Diesel Engine Generators are particularly presented here for the purpose to prepare tender documents to invite Bidders to participate a tender. The technical specifications of AC Generator, Diesel Engine and related Accessories are described in sequence below: Specification of AC Generator The technical specification of Alternating Current Generator or Alternator shall be as below-  Prime Rating                         : 30 KVA Voltage                                  : 50Hz, 380± 5%, 50Hz ± 1% Voltage fluctuation limit: 5%,                                                          from no load to full load Type                                      : Brushless Excitation with AVR Phase and Wire                     : 3 phases and 4 wires Power Factor                         : 0.8 (lagging) Insulation                              : Class H with Tropicalization                 Degree of protection         : IP-21                 Over speeds Capaci…


The current transformer rated current ratio shall match the connected load circuit and secondary circuit requirements.
Current transformers shall be capable of withstanding without damage the full load, peak and rated short time currents of their associated equipment.
Where space within a current transformer chamber permits dedicated current transformers shall be used for protection, instrumentation and metering.
Current Transformer Class Section for UsesCurrent transformers used for energizing indicating instruments shall be of Class 1 accuracy and for energizing integrating meters of Class 0.5 accuracy in accordance with IEC 185. Current transformers for generator low forward power interlock relays shall be Class 0.1 accuracy. Accuracy class of current transformers for tariff metering shall be Class 0.2.
Current transformers for protective and protective/indication purposes shall be designed to suit the particular requirements of the associated protection, which in general shall be in a…


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