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Forklift Hazards and Safe Operation Responsibility

There are so many hazards linked with forklift operations. To prevent hazardous accident and save forklift operators as well as others employee, forklift operators, supervisors and workers, all need to understand the potential forklift hazards. Only be-aware-of the forklift hazards and safe operation responsibility to own can reduce injuries and damages. Common Forklift HazardsThe most common causes of accidents related to forklift hazards are listed below, if it possible to address these factors properly then forklifts hazardous accident will decrease significantly.
Unsafe load and Overloading is causes frequent forklifts accident. Do not overload and keep loads limit low.
Do not handover the forklift to untrained forklift operators, Forklift trucks are extremely heavy even sometimes experienced drivers can make mistakes, so never allow unauthorized forklifts operators.
Passengers are not allowed on the forklifts even while forklift carrying no load, its forklift operator responsibility …


Hazardous Chemical Materials Handling and Storage Following near MSDS
The purpose of this article on hazardous chemical materials handling and storage procedure following the instruction mentioned in MSDS of particular material is to develop safety awareness of the employee who engaged using, handling, storing, disposing, loading-unloading, identifying & controlling the hazardous chemical materials.
This directive contains the important tips and instruction to handle various hazardous and toxic chemical materials, make sure availability and following their safety instruction MSDS- Material Safety Data Sheets, source of some common web address for MSDS and intensity & importancy of hazard assessment and take safety measure before handling the chemical materials. Identification Label for Hazardous ChemicalMaterialsWithout name and label, chemical materials are very puzzling to identify its nature of reaction and hazardous unlike others materials. To avoid chemical materials accid…


Materials Handling and Storage: Ensure Maintenance & Construction Project Safety Code
The material handling and storage procedure for maintenance and construction project is intended to define the requirements, storage, take care & custody, issue & receive ect, to ensure the responsibilities and obligations to the objective of safety induction.
The general requirements of maintenance and construction project are to store materials in a planned and organized way that does not endanger employee’s safety. It’s must be ensure that all the stacks, rows, and piles are stabled and stacked to aided safe handling and loading. Hazardous and chemical materials must be store and handle in accordance with the individual requirements and MSDS should be available near the hazardous materials. Methods of materials storing in open-yard store and warehouseTypical materials storing places are both indoor and outdoor; especial attention required for in an open-yard storage is combustible materi…

তাবিজ-কবচ চিকিৎসা-বিজ্ঞান ও ব্যাবসা

তাবিজ-কবচঢাকাশহরেরব্যস্ততমরাস্তারএকটিমিডফোর্টরোড।এরচেয়েবেশিপরিচিতিরপ্রয়োজননাই।অন্যদশটিদোকানেরমতোএটিওএকটি।কিন্তদোকানেরপন্যেরধরনদেখেব্যস্তসড়কেওভিন্নচিন্তারউদ্রেগহলো।দোকানের পন্য শুধুইতাবিজ-কবচ।চিন্তারবিষয়নতুনকিছুনা, তাবিজ-কবচচিকিৎসা-বিজ্ঞানওব্যবসা।চিন্তারউপাদানেরওএকইস্থানেপাশা-পাশিঅবস্থান।প্রাচীনঢাকারএমনকিসারাদেশেরবৃহত্তমব্যবসাস্থলমিডফোর্ট, বিশেষকরেসারাদেশেআধুনিকচিকিৎসা-বিজ্ঞানেরঔষধাধিওযন্ত্রপাতিসরবরাহের


To manage outdoor work and worker in heat stress region, it’s obligatory follow the midday break:The manager or supervisor who manage the outdoor worker in the most hot region of the earth especially in summer time they must take care about heat stress what may causes up to heat stroke to worker. Particularly sub-Saharan region is the most remarkable region; but recently geographical area increasing adding others site-country due to increasing global warm rapidly. 
During summer temperature increases more than 50oC in MENA countries which is very difficult to stay outside for midday worker. Some Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan also reaches above 40oC during that time. Every year a remarkable numbers of people die in this countries due to heat stroke, majority of those are outdoor worker.
The discussion of this article is limited on safety awareness and precaution to save the worker who is involved with outdoor works. This is the self motivation to increase knowledge to…


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