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Bangladesh: Power Generation Increasing

Bangladesh Developing in Power Sector Day by Day:
Power shortage is very burning issue in Bangladesh. Small to large all types of consumers are suffering from unexpected power cut for year after year. 
Lots of power projects are  ongoing, we hope to improve the situation soon. The Daily Star said in their news authorities are expecting to add as much as 1,500 megawatt power to the national grid within next 3 months. If you interested go Full Story.

Amazing Electricity Generation Mobile Power Plant

Mobile Solar Power Plant Nobody go out of power even he lives in a remote isolated corner of the planet. Electricity is the fundamental needs to human in this fist moving society. 

Here is an example from Omran Mohammad Abdulla, Charitable Project Chief who was saying:

Once the solar panels are connected to the rechargeable built-in batteries, devices of 600 to 1,000 watt can be connected to it. However, more panels and batteries can be added to the mobile solar power station as required.
In United Arab Emirate: Dar Al Ber providing mobile solar power stations to areas facing shortage.
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