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Some times it become difficult to describe the known terms clearly to others. This article for the guy who works with HVAC, the terms related to HVAC system that everyday you use, keep in saved, may need at necessary.
ABSOLUTE HUMIDITY - The weight of water vapor in a given amount of air. ABSOLUTE PRESSURE - Pressure measured with the base of zero. ABSOLUTE TEMPERATURE - A temperature scale expressed in degrees oF or oC using absolute zero as a base. Referred to as the Rankin or Kelvin scale. ABSOLUTE ZERO - The temperature at which molecular activity theoretically ceases. -456.69 F0 or -273.16 oC. AIR CONDITIONING - The process of controlling the temperature, humidity, cleanliness and distribution of the air. AIR, Standard Conditions - Conditions at which capacity ratings for air conditioning equipment is rated. AMBIENT - Refers to the temperature surrounding a body or unit under test. ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE - The weight of a 1 unit column of the earth's atmosphere. BIMETAL - Two m…


What Is The Specialty For Bathroom Wiring Than Others?
Yes, I am not meaning latest fashion about your bathroom. As a talk from an Electrical Engineer, I am talking about your bathroom safety fashion from the point of Electrical Engineering. You may be thinking, why different wiring need for bathroom, what is problem with same others wiring.

From the note of expert on wiring accessories like legrand  we can quote as following that will give us basic idea about bathroom wiring exception.

“The wiring regulations are very strict. Every switch or other means of electrical control or adjustment shall be so situated as to be normally inaccessible in the bathroom. The required Ingress protection is managed through a series of defined zones progressively from the bath or shower. Pull cord switches are allowed, shaver sockets with isolating transformers are also allowed but should conform to BS EN 61558-2-5”. Especial Zone Rules In Bathroom System
Especial rules apply to bathroom wiring where the r…


How You Unveil The Ultimate Secret Point To Improve Page Rank Of Your Blog ?

As a Blogger, everyone desire to get a high page rank to his blog; high page rank means Google including all search engines like your website and make visible to much more visitors.  Ultimately, you will get more traffic and your blog post will be hit by more visitors.

Before unveil the secrecy to get high page rank for a blog, we would like to discuss the king rules of page rank for a blog or website. If we don’t know the  scope or  pre-condition of page rank for a website, may our works will to astray.

Some website contains huge potential to get good page rank, but not getting in just time due to lack of proper SEO (Search  Engine Optimization). Oppositely any website can not get high page rank if does not contains quality contents.

King Rules To Improve  Page Rank For Blog 
Before go to the king rules to improving the page rank of your Blog, remember-

“Don’t follow any model blindly , Be a model;
Someone may fo…


What Is Relay? How Do Relay Work?Relay a device that opens or closes a contact when energized. Relays are most commonly used in power systems, where their function is to detect defective lines or apparatus or other abnormal or dangerous occurrences and to initiate appropriate control action. When the voltage or current in a relay exceeds the specified “pickup” value, the relay contact changes its position and causes an action in the circuit breaker. A decision is made based on the information from the measuring instruments and relayed to the trip coil of the breaker, hence the name “relay.” Other relays are used as switches to turn on or off equipment.If you look at these two figure, you will find the very first basic idea, how relay make automatic a circuit just using the control circuit.Types of Relay Relay is nothing but an open or closed switch, but for the purpose and place of used relay may be different types or named. Relay may be used in HVAC, Appliances, Security, Pool & …


General Requirements And Importance Of Drawings-Diagrams For Underground Power Cable Project
The employer may engaged or contract with service-provider to execute an underground power cable project, service-provider actually carry out the whole works as per employer requirements. Here in this article we would like to focus on general requirements and importance of various drawings, designs and calculation sheet to execute an underground power cable project.

The term “drawing” should also included here diagrams, schedules, performance curves, and calculations etc. required for the comprehensive design of the works. The Service Provider should be responsible for the provision of all drawings required for the various stages of the Contract to execute the project. All drawings, apart from workshop drawings, should be submitted to the nominated Engineer for his approval, in accordance with an approved program. The Service Provider should ensure that drawings are submitted for approval in p…


Surge Arrester Requirements for 132kV and 33kV Underground Cable Line Projects
Surge arresters shall be of the type employing non linear metal oxide resistors without spark gaps. The Contractor shall demonstrate by calculations that the surge arresters will adequately protect the switchgear arrangement proposed.
Arresters shall be designed and tested in accordance with the requirements of IEC 99 4. Any departure shall be the subject of agreement between the Engineer and the Contractor. Routine tests shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of Section 15 of this Specification.
Surge arresters shall be housed in porcelain insulators designed to withstand extremes of the environment described. The insulation shall have a minimum creepage distance of 25 mm/kV rated system phase to phase voltage. Porcelain shall comply with IEC 233. The method of sealing against the ingress of moisture shall be of a type well proven in service and the manufacturing procedures shall include an …


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