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History of Electricity in Bangladesh

History of First Electricity Uses in Dhaka even Bangladesh:
Brief History of Electricity In Bangladesh:
Bangladesh borne in 1971, but electricity utilization started in this region as a part of India before creation Bangladesh. First electricity switched on in 7 December 1901 in Ahsan Monjeel, residence of the Nawab of Dhaka. Latter on Dhanmondi power house was set up and the journey of commercial distribution started in 1930.
Up to partition of the country and independence of India and Pakistan in 1947, electricity generation and distribution was authorized by some private companies in this region. Electricity facility was limited within 17 provincial district urban area and of course only for nighttime. Total power generation capacity was then only 21 MW for East Pakistan; most privileged Dhaka city used two 1500kW generators to supply electricity.
To improve the power supply situation, government of Pakistan created Electricity Directorate in 1948 and issued an ordinance in 1959 to for…


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