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Hydroelectric Power Generation

How does Hydroelectric Power Generation work:In hydroelectricity water potential energy works with gravitational forces. Power plants are generally built near attached waterfalls, where enough river or seasonal rain water reserved available and the kinetic energy is the greatest. To control the flow of water some time dams are required to build. When water released from the reservoir it flows down with heavy forces which rotate the turbine where generator is shafted with it generate electricity. After the water has passed through the turbine, it’s returned to the river. This power generating process is very much eco-friendly and harmless for environment compared to thermal power plant. Generating cost also the lowest in the typical power generating process.
History of Hydro Power:Ancient people is learned to use hydro-power grinding flour and other tasks. Near about 1770 AD, French engineer Bernard de Belidor architected some technique to use hydro-power in horizontal and vertical-axis…

Green Energy Generation without Carbon Dioxide Emission!

Green Energy Generation without Carbon Dioxide Emission is Importance Nowadays: We aware, most of the power plants are emitting huge amount of carbon-dioxide every day all over the world. This carbon-dioxide imposes negative impact on our environment and greenhouse gases. We cannot think without electricity for a single moment, but we everybody hardly desire carbon-dioxide free system which now days called “clean” or “green”. For long time scientists are trying to go ‘green electricity’. What do you think about Green Energy? Alternative is fossil fuel, a broad of solar panel, or a field of pure white turbines? Perhaps; but have you been ever think a bucket of bacteria? Yes, now scientists are thinking Cyanobacteria may help us to generate clean or green electricity.
Cyanobacteria:You may hear to as blue-green algae or blue-green bacteria which existing from more than 3 billion years. Cyanobacteria exist in all environments, from the very hospitable to the unimaginable, from the hotspot …


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