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Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manual for PlantThe Contractor shall be responsible for compiling operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals for each section of the Works.
Drafts of the manuals are to be submitted to the Engineer at least six weeks prior to the commencement of pre-energization commissioning checks on Site. Following examination the Engineer will forward copies of his comments to the Contractor to action prior to issuing Final O&M manuals. Final O&M manuals are to be available on site prior to the issue of Taking over Certificate.
Handling, installation,storage and transit instructions, in accordance with Clause 7 of BS 4884 part 1, which shall form part of the manuals, are to be available on site prior to the arrival of the Plant.
In addition to the compiled manuals, the contractor shall submit copies of brochures and other explanatory literature with drawings of the plant, which will assist the Engineer in approval of the drawings. Contents of Operation and …