What are the Ring Circuit and Radial Circuit?

What Is Radial and Ring Circuit?

Think a simple Circle what has radius and periphery. The electrical circuit in your wiring system which is look like radius is called Radial circuit and which one is look like periphery or ring is called Ring circuit. Oh! this definition seems to layman, not professional; lets know detail-  
A radial circuit is an electrical circuit where the feeders to each socket is taken directly from the consumer unit or distribution board (DB) or circuit Breaker (CB) like a 20A MCB. 
A ring circuit is an electrical circuit which has two feeders both come from the same 32A MCB or RBCO in the consumer unit, and head off to different ends of a loop circuit. Ring circuit also known as Ring Main circuit. What Is the Advantages of Ring Circuit? In a ring circuit simply put it, the wiring is connected at both ends of the circuit. The main advantage of ring main circuit is if any single connector is broken or disconnected at any point in the circuit all the other sockets wi…

Maintenance Procedure of Centrifugal Water Chiller

Maintenance Procedure of Centrifugal Water Chiller What is the maintenance procedure of centrifugal water chiller and how keep your chiller on trouble-less operation. Yes, of course maintenance is important fact for this. Proper maintenance not only give you hassle free smooth operation, it also ensure optimize your property operating lifetime. Most of manufacturer offer some maintenance rules and procedure of their equipment. If user follows these instruction and carry-out the maintenance work correctly, machineries will give maximum usability. 
To keep fit your centrifugal water chiller following general maintenance is required. Although some of the information presented here commonly what is applicable for other types of chiller. 
Maximum time centrifugal chiller after installing put into continuous operation without full-time attendant using BMS (Building Management System) or simple clock system. Actually water chiller is designed for maximum consistency with a minimum amount of mai…

Smart Meters and Their Application

What Is a Smart Meter And How Can It Work?
Smart Meter is a cutting edge meter for both gas and power. A smart meter is a gas or power meter that is a great deal like your present meter which still utilize innovation made decades prior and sends us your meter readings electronically.
Smart meters utilize a protected national correspondence system to naturally and remotely send your genuine energy utilization to your supplier. This implies family units will no more depend on assessed energy bills, need to give their own particular general readings, or have meter per users come into their homes to peruse the meter.
Smart meters will likewise accompany an in-home showcase.

Working Principle of Modern Utility Smart MeterThis video will show the the basic communication working principle of a utility smart meter like- energy meter, gas meter , water or any other utility meters.
What Can Smart Meters Really Do? The establishment is fundamentally the same as a standard meter establishment and is …

Transformer Capacity and Rating

What Is The Difference Between Capacity And Rating Of Transformer ? Here is three simple terms- Transformer, Capacity and Rating. Transformer is the targeted equipment where capacity is loading size and  rating denotes working ability.
Purpose of this article:Most of the Electrical Engineer are well known about transformer and it’s capacity or ratings; hope this article will helpful for those are not engineering background but dealing technical matters, like- one of my business associate asking a couple of weeks ago in a business talk, “what is transformer capacity and ratings?”. What Transformer Is?
Before knowing the difference between capacity and ratings we would like to understand the basic definition of transformer. Simply a person or thing that transforms something from one place to others is a transformer. In Electrical Engineering field a transformer is defined as an electrical apparatus or equipment for transferring electrical energy from one circuit to others reducing or incre…


How Increase Your Blog Traffic to Build a Long Visitors List Easily and Keep It There
It’s seems rude to say, but reality is that there is no easy or shortcut way to get more visitors or traffic for a new blog. If you search in online relating to your desire more traffic in your blog, you will get huge post about it. But, immediately you will realize that most of these for increasing traffic on their own blog, not for you.
We are not saying it’s not helpful for you, of course it’s helpful and you could able to realizeafter reading each dedicated post  how hard time need to pay behind a blog to increase blog traffic.
Don’t be hopeless any beginner blogger, we want to inform you that high page ranked blog having millions monthly visitors didn’t create overnight and of course they passed lots of struggling, testing, failing and hard working.
Today we are here on this blog post, just show the basic way to the new blogger, how increase blog traffic and earn more visitors simply organizing the…

Danfoss Quick Reference Manual Guide Book

Quick Reference Book for Danfoss HVAC Equipment Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guides. Hope this article will help you, if you are doing your works with Danfoss HVAC (Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning) system equipment like- Chiller, Air Handling Unit, Automation Drives or Frequency converter, Temperature controller, Micro drives etc. As HVAC equipment operating without breakdown, maintenance in periodic preventive or breakdown and troubleshooting during emergency breakdown maintenance, you must keep the Danfoss quick reference book in your reference-self.
Herewith in this Danfoss Guide, we brought you 11 quick reference manual guide that will help you as your close friend. You may read or free download the complete manual in pdf format. You also share your colleges or friends if think helpful for them.
Free download Danfoss quick reference user and operating guides. Programming Guide: VLT Automation DriveFrequency Converter: AKD 2800Quick Reference: Scroll Compressors …

Working Principle of Smoke Detector

Basic Working Principle of Ionized and Photoelectric Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm System Smoke Detector is the main sensing device in Fire Alarm System. To understand the basic working principle of smoke detector, we should remember Ionization and Photoelectricstructure, smoke detectors are manufactured basically based on these two principle. According to these rules there are mainly two basic types of Smoke Detector, you will find in the market.

Ionization Smoke DetectorPhotoelectric Smoke Detector
How Ionization Smoke Detector Work

In ionized smoke detector, basically two positive and negative charged plates are consisted in an ionization chamber wherein a radioactive material like americium 241 is placed, shown in figure-1.1.
Air molecules collide with radioactive particles and extricate their electrons. Since the molecules lose electrons, they become positively charged ions; the same as other molecules gain electrons, they become negatively charged ions. Equal numbers of positive and…


What is Socket Outlet? Socket Outlet is a device with protected current carrying associates intended to be mounted in a fixed position or permanently connected to the fixed wiring of the installation.
The purpose of socket outlet installation with others accessories is to enable the connection a temporary load to it with a flexible cord or plug or flexible cable. Types of Socket Outlet ConnectionConsidering the location and requirements of wiring area, socket outlet wiring connection may be following three types:
Single Socket Connection;Radial Connection; andRing Circuit Connection.

Factors for Socket Outlet Wiring
Wiring cable sizes and maximum numbers of socket connection should be considered before design and install socket outlet. In any living room , bedroom or dining area, a ring main using 3 x 1.5 mm2 cable and 2 A x 3 Pin  sockets may be permitted if controlled by 5A with fuse unit in that room. The maximum number of 8 outlets may be allowed in any room by some authority.  It is im…


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