Operation & Installation Guide For Scroll Compressor, Frequency Converter & Temperature Controller

This operation, installation & maintenance complete guide for Danfoss refrigeration and air-conditioning main equipment such scroll compressor, frequency converter and temperature controller EKC204A & EKC102. These refrigeration control system manual will make happy to any technician or operation and maintenance engineer who working with heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system.
Scroll Compressor GuideQuick reference of Danfoss compressor manual will cover working principle of scroll compressor and Danfoss full  product range with performance data.
Nomenclature: Danfoss scroll compressor nomenclature will help to quick-find the compressor technical basic data-   lubricant & refrigerant family, nominal capacity, operating voltage &  product version, etc. as described below:

You can download the full Danfoss scroll compressor SM-SY-SZ, R22-R134a-R407C quick reference manual in pdf file just clicking download link below: 
DOWNLOAD .pdf  scroll compressor full g…

Fault Location Overview On HVAC Compressor-Danfoss

This is an intelligent technique of an HVAC professional just beginning systematic fault locating, cutting off the power supply  for at least 5 minutes which will ensure that the PTC starting device has reset and cooled off to ready for next new start. The first minutes of power cut-off  pull down the appliance with cold compressor and lead to an interlocking situation.

In this article will helpful you who are seeking for understanding the service network for household appliances and similar.

This focuses on mainly PL, TL, NL and FR compressors for 220-240V. For detailed information on compressors download the full pdf version file from the below link; from where you can learn details about compressors types- PL, TL, NL, FR and partly SC are equipped with a PTC starting device or a relay and start capacitor.

This guide discussed the following fault location procedure for HVAC Compressor system step-by-step that will very helpful for a technician.
Fault location; Electrical…

Trouble Shooting a Faulty Refrigeration Circuit-Danfoss

How to Troubleshoot HVAC Faulty Refrigeration Circuit Smart troubleshooting of HVAC problems and malfunctions is a technique how a HVAC technician thinks very sharply and shoot skilled way. Quick trouble shoot depends on fault finding techniques rather than the difficulty the fault. Sometimes very simple problem kills a long-span of technician time, reversely tactful technician solves the critical malfunction very quickly.  
Today, we will focus our short troubleshooting discussion on some common technique to find the faulty part on HVAC refrigeration circuit system
The total Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning system is a vast system, and it contains various types lots of equipment. An HVAC system consists of compressors, motors, furnaces, cooling systems, air conditioner, air handling systems, ductwork systems, heating systems, humidity controlling systems, fan connected networks, different types of controllers and vast electrical & mechanical systems.
How Think to Trou…

Easy Finding Fault Location for HVAC Trouble Shooting: Danfoss Guide

HVAC fault finding and troubleshooting within a minimal time denotes a HVAC technician efficiency. Especially find fault location troubleshooting during system breakdown is very challenging for a HVAC technician.
Hope this trouble shooting fault location guide will be helpful for any beginner as well as experienced technician.
Actually fault finding and trouble shooting has no specific rules that can follow to find the fault location mathematically, performance depends on technician skilled experience to find fault location and trouble shoot in short.
This guide will discuss with some common faults in refrigeration systems, causes of maximum faults and way to easy find out the faulty parts and system of remedy.
However, this guide will buildup a technician to find which types of fault and where occurs the fault in refrigeration system. This guide no more deals with electronic control system and their trouble shoot, it will discuss in another article.
How Find Faulty Parts Easily In Refri…

HVAC Troubleshooting And Measuring Instrument: DANFOSS

In HVAC Engineering Troubleshooting is very important to keep the equipment alive to give a comfortable life at home and a productive hour in works. To become a good troubleshooter proper measuring instruments are very essential. Danfoss offering the following measuring instrument for troubleshooting the HVAC equipment. Measuring Instruments Instruments for fault locationClassification of instrumentsUncertainty ResolutionReproducibilityTemperature stability Electronic instrumentsCheck and adjustmentAdjustment and calibrationPressure gaugesService pressure gaugesVacuum gaugesThermometer Hygrometer
To ensure a better service for refrigeration system- a fault locate as early before it reach at severe condition or shutdown the system and servicing the fault parts promptly- a reliable tools is required. 

Understanding deeply and keeping study more, download the HVAC Troubleshooting And Measuring Instrument guide for DANFOSS in pdf  file from below link. DANFOSS guideDOWNLOAD .pdf

Transformer Capacity and Rating

What Is The Difference Between Capacity And Rating Of Transformer ?Here is three simple terms- Transformer, Capacity and Rating. Transformer is the targeted equipment where capacity is loading size and  rating denotes working ability. Purpose of this article:Most of the Electrical Engineer are well known about transformer and it’s capacity or ratings; hope this article will helpful for those are not engineering background but dealing technical matters, like- one of my business associate asking a couple of weeks ago in a business talk, “what is transformer capacity and ratings?”. What Transformer Is?Before knowing the difference between capacity and ratings we would like to understand the basic definition of transformer. Simply a person or thing that transforms something from one place to others is a transformer. In Electrical Engineering field a transformer is defined as an electrical apparatus or equipment for transferring electrical energy from one circuit to others reducing or incre…

Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filter for Electrical Plant

To ensure quality power supply in an electrical plant, Engineers know in mass the importance of Power Factor Correction equipment, and in advance Harmonic Resonance or Harmonic Filter.

The common and essential  term Power Factor Improvement (PFI) or power factor correction in Electrical Engineering sect is denoted in another previous post as Electrical Power Factor in Schematic Diagram where Electrical Power Factor in Schematic Diagram and Bangladesh Electricity Distribution Code Published by Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission is described briefly. So, in this article Harmonic Filter is highlighted only. What is Harmonic Filter? Harmonics are currents and voltages that are continuous multiples of the fundamental frequency 50 Hz such as 100 Hz (2nd harmonic) and 250 Hz (5th harmonic). So, harmonic filter is used to eliminate the harmonic distortion caused by loads. How Does Harmonic Filter Work?The working principle of Harmonic Filter is shown schematic line diagram below:

In figure …

Design Guide for Underground Transmission Line

Design Guide for Electrical Energy Transmission in Underground Cable Network Voltage level of transmission line network is the key considering design guide factor for bouth overhead transmission system and underground cable transmission system. Schematic line diagramin below , the specific voltage level guide are used for conventional overhead transmission and new concept underground transmission network system for- Power Generation; Bulk Transmission; Sub-Transmission; & Distribution System. What The Distribution Voltage Level Is?In electrical power transmission and distribution system, voltage levels are divided into different category considering the equipment operating capability, such as- Low Voltage (LV)              - up to 1000Volt; Medium Voltage (MV)       - 1000 Volt ~ 35 kilo Volt; High Voltage (HV)            - 35kilo Volt ~ 230 kilo Volt; Extra High Voltage (EHV)  - above 230 kilo Volt; & Ultra High Voltage (UHV)  - above 800 kilo Volt. Also, very safe low voltage like less…

Transfer Switch Diagram And Operation

What Is Transfer SwitchTransfer Switch is nothing but an electrical device that allows to transfer electrical flow safely from multiple source to load. On the other way the load can trans-receive electrical energy from multiple source safely.

To prevent the power outage from main utility power supply a transfer switch can take power from alternate utility source or standby generator source or even emergency power backup source.

Transfer Switch can operate automatically as soon as failure the main source or after a certain period of time to reinstate the main source. This type of transfer switch is known as Auto Transfer Switch or in short ATS.

Other Transfer Switch is known as manual transfer switch which is operates manually.When the utility power goes out, its simply need to plugin the alternate source into transfer switch to start it up, and flip the transfer switch from the main source position to the alternate source position.

In very basic, transfer switches are two types-
Auto Tra…


What Is IP- Ingress Protection RatingsWe are familiar with some protection symbol in our appliances and equipment as IP- like IP22, IP56, and IP64 so and so. But to most of us it’s not clear, what bearing the meaning is. Most commonly, we feel happy and secured if someone ensure it is waterproof. Similarly we also familiar with Water-tight, Rain-tight, Rain-proof, Dust-tight & Drip-tight etc. that makes our sense easily. IP is shorten of Ingress Protection or ingress protection rating, sometime says International Protection rating. The letters IP contains two digit numerical number after the letters IP, sometimes one additional letter also uses to describe protection against mechanical impacts. IP or Ingress protection mainly uses for electrical enclosure or cabinet where electrical or electronic equipment are associated to prevent electrical shock to equipment users and save the equipment from the environment. IP Ingress Protection DegreesEach equipment has its own requirements to …


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