Phantom Loads Are Costing You an Extra Electric Bill

Did you ever think, how much extra electric bill you are paying for Phantom loads? May not! but you will find it as remarkable after reading this article.
What is Phantom Load?Phantom load is standby load or standby power, Phantom load also known as Vampire Power, Vampire draw, ghost load or leaking electricity. Phantom or Vampire power is the electricity consumption of any electrical equipment when it is keep in standby mode.
In our modern life, we use in our every house hues electronic devises like - TVs Computers/ Laptops Cell Phones
VCRs, DVD players and DVRs
Battery operated many other devices
Clock Radios
Microwave Ovens
Power strips
Emergency lights Charger Fans
Answering machines
Any device with a remote control washing Machines
Any device with a clock Water Cooler/ heater Air Freshener
Any device that is programmable
Any device with a power light or standby indicator light, & many mores.
How Eliminate Phantom Load Costing From Your Monthly Electric Bill?Using simple and …

Forklift Hazards and Safe Operation Responsibility

Most warehouse managers are aware of the problems and hazards that come along with the operations of a forklift: There are so many hazards linked with forklift operations. To prevent hazardous accident and save forklift operators as well as others employee, forklift operators, supervisors and workers, all need to understand the potential forklift hazards. Only be-aware-of the forklift hazards and safe operation responsibility to own can reduce injuries and damages. Common Forklift HazardsThe most common causes of accidents related to forklift hazards are listed below, if it possible to address these factors properly then forklifts hazardous accident will decrease significantly.

Unsafe load and Overloading is causes frequent forklifts accident. Do not overload and keep loads limit low.
Do not handover the forklift to untrained forklift operators, Forklift trucks are extremely heavy even sometimes experienced drivers can make mistakes, so never allow unauthorized forklifts operators.


General Information about Technical Specification Need to Required for Reference Standard of HV & EHV Power CableThis specification describes the requirement for design manufacture testing delivery installation and commissioning of double circuit of 132 kV single core copper conductor XLPE power cable and associated accessories. Quantity / Route length shall be as per bill of requirement.
For the above route cables shall be laid buried in ground. There shall be three single core cables as above for each circuit. 
Contractor shall be responsible for complete turnkey job which will involve final route survey (after award of contract) design manufacturing testing and delivery of cable and associated accessories to site testing of cables at site digging of cable trenches laying of cables in trenches back filling of trenches, installation / creation of joints and termination testing of feeder after installation and commissioning. 
The cables and accessories shall comply with the current i…

The Fact About Electrical Shock and Physiological Effects

The Fact of Fatal Current:The real fact about fatal current is that most fatal electric shocks happen to people who knows better but ignores or careless for a moment.

From the above fatal current chart we can observe that while any amount of current over 10 milli-amps (0.01 amp) is capable of producing painful to severe shock, currents between 100 and 200 mA (0.1 to 0.2 amp) are lethal death.

Currents above 200 milli-amps (0.2 amp), while producing severe burns and unconsciousness. 

For currents above 10 mA, muscular contractions are so strong that the victim cannot let go of the wire that is shocking him. At values as low as 20mA, breathing becomes labored, finally ceasing completely even at values below 75 mA.

As the current approaches 100 mA, ventricular fibrillation of the heart occurs - an uncoordinated twitching of the walls of the heart's ventricles which results in death.

The current limit and Physiological effects of electric shock  chart in above shows details the physiologic…

Why Earthing Switch or Disconnector is Used in Transmission Line?

How Earthing or Disconnector Switch Play Rule to Personnel Safety Even in a Isolated Disconnected Line? The function of earth or disconnector switch is to discharge the capacitive voltage that stored in generator side or long transmission line conductors in the isolated system just after opening the CB (Circuit Breaker) and Isolator.

So, we understand that the main purpose of earth switch is to ground the isolated bus/conductor. Generally earth switch is mechanically interlinked with isolator. Means when isolator opens the circuit then earth-switch closes & vice-vars.
When earth switch is connected to the isolated but charged system it discharges the stored energy to earth, so that maintenance work can be carried out either in line on generator side.
So earth switch provides extra safety to the working personnel during transmission line maintenance.

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Bus-Bar Arrengement Design upto 400kV Capacity Substation

Typical Bus-Bar Arrangement System for High Voltage and Extra High voltage up to 400kV Capacity Substations.Bus-Bar actually work as a match maker between higher voltage level transformer and lower voltage level transformer connection others equipment to functional a co relation between them.
The commonly used bus bar schemes for high voltage and extra high voltage at 132kV, 230kV or 400kV Sub Stations are as below: Single bus bar;Main and Transfer bus bar;Double bus bar;Double main and transfer bus bar; One and a half breaker scheme.
You may interrested to read: 01. Copper and Aluminum Bus-bar Size Selection Chart. 02. METAL CLAD BUS-BARS AND CONNECTIONS.
The schematic line diagram for bus-Bar arrangement for each type of schemes are described below: Single Bus-Bar Arrangement:single bus-bar arrangement  is the simplest and easiest switching scheme in which each circuit is provided with one circuit breaker. 
This arrangement can ensure limited security against bus bar faults and no switchin…

Grounding, Earthing and Protection Against Lightning Procedure as Bangladesh Electricity Distribution Code

What says about Grounding , Eatrhing and Protection against Lightning on Bangladesh Electricity Code?
As per Annex G-04 Section 6 ERQ Distribution Code, the ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION CODE(UPDATED DRAFT) on November, 2012, Chapter 14 OVERHEAD LINES, UNDER GROUND CABLES AND GENERATING STATIONS, Clouse 15, 17 & 19 descrived about Grounding, Earthing and Protection against Lightning respectively.
Let's see the the detail step by step:

Guarding as per Bangladesh Electricity Distribution Code Where guarding is required under these clauses the provisions of 15(2) to (4) shall apply. Every guard-wire shall be connected with earth at each point at which its electrical continuity is broken. Every guard-wire shall have an actual breaking strength of not less than 635 kg and if made of iron or steel, shall be galvanized. Every guard-wire or cross-connected systems of guard-wires shall have sufficient current-carrying capacity to ensure the rendering dead, without risk of fusing of the guard-wi…