How Can Convert Single Phase Power Into Three Phase?

You may find there three options to convert the single phase power convert into three phase, such as-

static converter- using capacitor to create a power waveform;rotary converter- using connect single-phase motor to three-phase generator; electronic converter- using single-phase power converting into DC and then inverting into three-phase AC.
Converting Single Phase Power Into Three Phase: Using Digital Converter Here in this article we will discuss and try to give very basic idea about converting the single phase power into three phase power in different practicable way. This is not the detail circuit diagram or shop design. This is the conceptual drawing that will help a beginner to start their project or enlarge their thinking about critical power supply.
 A digital phase converter actually creates a three phase from a single phase power  using a digital signal processor (DSP) or a electronic circuit what is used to control power electronic devices to generate a third phase of volta…


Outdoor Steel Structure Design and Installation for HV & EHV Power Cable
The structures shall be designed to carry cable sealing ends, cables and cleats, earthing bars, earth disconnecting links, sunshields and other fittings  should be followed an adequate design manner.

Each sealing end should be provide with a separate structure which be positioned so as to align with the phase center distances of the substation equipment but not less than the minimum electrical and safety clearness as international standard like specified in BS 162.

All structures should be equipped with a suitable framework mounted immediately below the sealing ends to accommodate a phase plate in a conspicuous position. All phase plates shall be manufactured from mild steel sheet with vitreous enameled finish.

Don’t compromise to provide for fixing and bonding copper fittings as may be necessary to accommodate all apparatus affixed thereto and to secure the structures to their foundations. Factors of Safety on O…

What is the Meaning of XLPE for Power Cable?

What Is XLPE or Cross Linked Polyethylene? In straight, the meaning of XLPE is cross-linked polyethylene. Cross-linked polyethylene is widely used as electrical insulation in power cables. Especially for medium to High and Extra-high Voltage power cable recently using XLPE insulation. Actually XLPE is the most common polymeric insulation material.
Generally Low Voltage- 11 kV and below cable system use PVC and medium to high and extra-high voltage- 33kv and above uses XLPE as their insulation.
Main Feature of XLPE and PVC Insulation Cable
PVC insulated Cable can work at maximum 70 Centigrade temperature, where XLPE insulated Cable can works at 90 Centigrade.

During short circuit condition around three second (3 sec) PVC insulated Cable can last up to at 160 Centigrade where XLPE insulated Cable up to 250 Centigrade.

Usually service life of XLPE insulated cable is longer than PVC insulated cable.

XLPE insulated Cable is more environment friendly than PVC insulated Cable because XLPE is no…

How Calculate Lux and Lumen of Light Illumination in a Surface?

What is the relation between  Lux, Lumen and Illumination?

What is Lux?Lux is luminous intensity what is also said as candela per meter squared. It is the amount of light fallen on a surface .

Basically lux means daylight, brightness, illumination. For ‘light of the world’ the Vulgate has lux mundi. ‘At first light’ is prima luce.

Lux value of any light source is not a static value so cannot be part of a standard specification. Only manufacturer can determine and specify the total lumen output.

Lux is a measure of the perceived brightness level per unit area. 1 lux = 1 lumen / sq metre.

What Is Lumen?Lumen is the measure of visible light emitted by a light source.  It is also referred to as "luminous flux" or sometimes as "luminous power".

Lumen means a source of light, a lamp, an opening in the wall that lets in light; it can also mean glory, excellence. In the plural lumina can mean ‘eyes’. But there is also a certain amount of overlap between the two words.

A typical …

How does an Induction Motor work ?

How does an Induction Motor work  The AC induction motor is well suited to applications requiring constant speed operation. In general, the induction motor is cheaper and easier to maintain compared to other alternatives.
The induction motor is made up of the stator, or stationary windings, and the rotor. The stator consists of a series of wire windings of very low resistance permanently attached to the motor frame. As a voltage and a current are applied to the stator winding terminals, a magnetic field is developed in the windings. By the way the stator windings are arranged, the magnetic field appears to synchronously rotate electrically around the inside of the motor housing.
The rotor is comprised of a number of thin bars, usually aluminum, mounted in a laminated cylinder. The bars are arranged horizontally and almost parallel to the rotor shaft. At the ends of the rotor, the bars are connected together with a “shorting ring.” The rotor and stator are separated by an air gap which …

Equipment Grounding for De-energized Construction and Maintenance

Importance of  Equipment Grounding for De-energized Construction and Maintenance:
Why grounding Is Require?Electricity never give you the second chance. So, for safety 99.99% is not enough until 100%. Working with electrical equipment, switch off the power line is not enough for safe; it is very much essential to ensure de-energized the line by grounding.
How Does Grounding Work?Sometime we even an expert also make mistake to grounding which electricity may get chance to takeaway our valuable life and property. So, no more literature; come and join the Hubbell Power Systems provided video clip to keep safe all of our colleagues: Video Clip What Is Pipe Earthing And Plate Earthing? Pipe Earthing is the best form of earthing. This is very cheaper than others in cost. In this method of earthing, a galvanized and perforated pipe of approved length and diameter is placed up right in a permanently wet soil.
The size of pipe depends upon the current following amount  to be supposed  and the typ…

Underground Power Cable: Environment and Health Issues

Impact of Power Cable Uses in Environmental and Human Health: Why Underground Electrical Cable is Required?Technology changing every-day, every-moment! High voltage electricity transmission underground cable system also taking over instate of overhead power line. Though   underground high voltage electricity transmission more technically challenging and expensive than installing overhead lines; but to get enough space for overhead line, especially in urban area is very difficult now. So, it’s demand of time for underground cabling system. Of course, we have to keep in mind the potential impact on the environment and health of cable installations.
Insulating in Overhead Power Line and Underground Cable:Conductors, no matter they are overhead or underground that transmit electricity must be electrically insulated. But there is one major difference between overhead lines and underground cables is the way they are insulated. Overhead lines are insulated by open air surrounding conductor whe…

Switching and Earthing Operating Procedure

Switching and Earthing Operative Procedure in Electrical Energy Network The keywords of this article are Switching & Earthing; we are not going to learning about technical details about switching and earthing procedure in this piece, but we would like to keep in limit our focus on the key points to safe operation of switching & earthing system.
The SwitchingHow keep your switching system safe and healthy in electrical energy transmission and distribution network? Let’s review some important points that will keep you smarter switching operator. Circuit Breakers and Isolator Operation1.Don’t allow switching or any operation in a system without clear permission of the controlling authority except an emergency case for personnel or property;
2.System control authority should directly communicate with authorized person who will operate the switching;
3.If direct contact is not possible for controlling authorities, the message may be relayed by third party with written down without any a…


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